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Janiszewska K. Nutritional determinants of weight loss among Olympic taekwondo competitors. PhD Thesis. 2016


Janiszewska K., Przybyłowicz K. Pre-competition weight loss among Polish taekwondo competitors – occurrence, methods and health consequences. Arch of Budo, eISSN 1643-8698, 2015; 11:41-45

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Janiszewska K., Przybyłowicz K., Danielewicz A. Distribution of subcutaneous adipose tissue among girls in relation to pre-competition body mass reduction. Bromat Chem Toksykol, ISSN 0365-9445, 2012, 3, s.1050-1054


Przybyłowicz K.E., Janiszewska K., Przybyłowicz M., Grzybiak M. Relationship between the pre-pregnancy BMI, intake of fibre and fat during pregnancy and the birth weight of neonatesBromat Chem Toksykol, ISSN 0365-9445, 2012, 3, s.1010-1017


Katarzyna  Janiszewska, Katarzyna  Przybyłowicz, Monika  Szyszko Analysis of consumption of dietary fiber and fats by football and handball players and selected anthropometric parameters Polish Journal of Sports Medicine 2012; 28(1):59-65

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Katarzyna Przybyłowicz, Katarzyna Kalinowska Pregnant women nutrition and newborn status expressed as Ponderal Index Probl Hig Epidemiol 2011, 92(3): 508-511

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Katarzyna Kalinowska, Katarzyna Przybyłowicz Iron metabolism assessment with reference to selected anthropometric parameters and food-stuffs consumption National Taekwondo Team competitors Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 2010; 2(2); vol. 1, 85-90

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